About 1net

For the last several years, the leadership of several recognized Internet organizations (ISOC, ICANN, IAB/IETF, IANA, the 5 Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), and W3C; sometimes referred to as the “Internet technical organizations”) have met periodically to promote better coordination between these groups. While there have been brief statements issued in the past after such meetings, the statement issued after the October 2013 meeting (known as the Montevideo Statement on the Future of Internet Cooperation) made some observations about the Internet which were fairly obvious but hadn’t been documented previously in a clear and consistent manner. High-level points from the Montevideo Statement include:

Following the Montevideo Statement, there was a call for a neutral, open forum to discuss Internet challenges. As a result, the 1net initiative was created. 1net is intended to be a neutral, focused initiative to discuss selected Internet issues with the intent of working towards actionable collaborative solutions. 


The purpose of 1net is to provide an inclusive and open venue supporting discussion of Internet governance matters for all those interested (individuals, governments, civil societies, technicians, etc.) and to deliver the results of those discussions to the agendas of established and developing Internet governance institutions. It is vital that the voices of all contributors be heard and carried forward to help shape the future of the Internet’s governance.


To ensure the widest possible access and participation, all 1net communications will be held electronically. In the situations where outputs from electronic collaboration are delivered at a physical Internet governance meeting, priority will be placed on ensuring those meetings are streamed online. In cases this is not possible, a summary of the meeting will be prepared and distributed electronically using our established electronic communication channels.

How to Participate

The first step to participation is joining the 1net mailing list and periodically visiting this web site. These are currently the main mechanisms for 1net communication and collaboration. As new participation tools are established, they will be announced on this web site and on the mailing list.

1net Facilitation

Individuals affiliated with the author organizations of the Montevideo Statement on the Future of Internet Cooperation facilitate this discussion platform. They provide these facilitation services because they recognize participation from a large and diverse set of voices is necessary to move Internet governance discussions forward. You are welcome to explore and participate in 1net and help shape the future of Internet cooperation.